Why Indoco Analytical Solutions

In today's rapidly changing and demanding regulatory environment, companies are finding difficult to comply with current standards and best practices for their products in terms of impurities & genotoxicity.
'A Complete Integrated solution with An Innovative Analytical & Chemistry Based Approach', Indoco Analytical Solutions provides analytical services to global generic and innovator pharmaceutical companies. It offers value added services like Impurity Profile, Chromatography, Forced Degradation Studies, Method Development & Validation, Polymorphism, Lyophilisation Studies, Trace Analysis & Carry Over Studies (Organic & Inorganic), Reference Standards and Stability Studies focusing on the following product areas: Pre-formulation / Formulated Products Degraded Products Impurities generated during Stability Studies API and Drug Intermediate Products. Our analytical services are supported by strong technical documentation and efficient Project Management practices. At AnaCipher, our team of 100 scientists have versatile analytical experience across the analytical spectrum in:

• Chemistry.
• Instrumentation.
• Technical Documentation.
• Regulatory Compliance.
• Intellectual Property Rights .


• Indoco Analytical Solutions helps reduce your cost and time of drug development and manufacture by providing a Contract Research and Analytical Research at crucial stage of the project. Since Indoco Analytical Solutions is a Complete Integrated Solution with an Innovative Analytical & Chemistry Based Approach with good infrastructure. Our customers can rely on these services and need not spend their resources on facilities.

• Indoco Analytical Solutionsalso offers unique services of Patent evaluation and undertakes time bound projects in synthetic chemistry.

Our rich pharmaceutical analytical capability allows us to serve outsourcing needs of our customers by solving their critical issues in a reliable, timely and cost effective manner.